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There is an art to referring, keep it simple.

Let people know that they have an option by asking:

“If you had another option to your healthcare problem, would you be interested?”

If their answer is anything less than yes, they are not ready to pursue exceptional health.

Helping Others By Referring

Averio Health Institute does not receive the funding or generate enough profit to be able to put a billboard on the Freeway, or commercials on TV. There is no drug money in what we do. We are less about profit and much more about patient's results and sustainable success. Your ability to gain health and then tell the World...know that you are participating in our mission as a healthcare facility and serving others by not keeping the truth bottled up.


Sometimes just handing a business card or sharing with a stranger is all it takes to plant a seed of opportunity for someone suffering.

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Seeing Magic

Once you know about something great, something that has changed your life, would you keep it to yourself?

Or, would you shout it from the mountain tops!

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