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The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease.

- B.J. Palmer

Averio Health Institute offers a scholarship program to patients who have genuine health concerns and financial hardship. Patients who wish to not only work on their health concerns, but also pursue sustainable, exceptional health should apply below for scholarship financial assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: All Scholarship funds for the first half of 2024 have already been awarded – no further applications will be accepted for financial assistance towards Averio Weeklong Programs through July 2024. 

The Scholarship commitee is accepting applications for Programs between July – December 2024. 

Please be aware that scholarship requests are not always approved due to the high demand of requests and limited funds. Please only apply for Scholarship if you have true financial need towards your active care plan at Averio Health Institute. 

The first wealth is health.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You must submit the following to be considered:

The letter must explain why you are an ideal candidate for scholarship.

Please note: you must reserve your program spot with a confirmation deposit, prior to sending in your completed application, to be considered for a scholarship.

Your application will be reviewed by AHI’s Scholarship Committee, and you will be contacted on the status of your application. If you are awarded a scholarship, we request that the information be held in confidence as funds are limited and not all applicants will be granted scholarships. 

Scholarship FAQ's:

  • You must pay for your first Averio Weeklong Program in full (this expectation renews each calendar year). Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check, credit/debit card or Care credit. 
  • You must submit a complete scholarship application a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your scheduled program start. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for review of your application application. A completed application is all items: completed scholarship application form, proof of financial hardship (Form 1040, last year’s tax return) and a letter to the Scholarship committee.
  • Scholarship patients must attend all educational classes during their program week(s) or forfeit their scholarship, unless directed otherwise by an AHI doctor.
  • Scholarship may only be used towards an active care plan at AHI. 
  • Any awarded scholarship for a program, that program spot may only be rescheduled once, and in the same calendar year. Further rescheduling, or cancelling, will void the scholarship. Failure to reschedule with advance notice per the Averio Weeklong Program cancellation policy, will void scholarship funds for that program week. 
  •  The term of a scholarship is for one Averio Weeklong program.
  • All scholarship recipients agree to provide a review regarding their experience at AHI.
  • Each calendar year offers scholarship potential for patients with active care plans, even if scholarship was approved the previous calendar year. You must pay for your first Averio Weeklong Program in the calendar year that you are applying for scholarship, before you are applicable to be considered for scholarship within that calendar year.

Note: scholarship recipients who have received scholarship towards two Averio Weeklong Program(s), may not reapply for scholarship within that calendar year. Scholarship is only available towards an active care plan, scheduled per AHI doctor recommendations. 

How to apply:

Scholarship application
Directions: Applicant must complete and submit application at least 1 month prior to arrival (no exceptions). Please allow up to 2 weeks for review. All fields (*) are required for an application to be processed successfully.
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People who commit to spinal care and healthier life choices, always save time and money.

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