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Where is Averio Health Institute located?

AHI is located in a rural setting about an hour and a half north of Seattle. This setting was chosen for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views. Truly a place designed for helping people regenerate and heal. 

What if I am not local to Washington State?

No worries! Many patients fly in from other states and countries. The three nearest airports are: Seattle Tacoma Int'l, about 1 1/2 hours south, Everett Paine Field Airport about 45 min. south, and Bellingham Airport about 45 minutes north. The Institute is centrally located between three major towns in the area: Mount Vernon, Burlington, and Sedro-Woolley. There are many lodging and transportation options available within 10 min. of the AHI facility. 

Due to the extensive clinical nature of AHI, transportation and lodging is each patient's responsibility. We are not able to provide custom recommendations or provide travel or accommodations for patients at this time. 

What happens during an Averio concentrated care program day?

An Averio concentrated care program is Monday through Friday. 

Each day starts at 9am, you may check in by 8:30am. The day finishes around 6pm following a 5pm educational class. 

On the Friday of your program, you will receive post-objective testing and a final consultation with an Averio doctor to go over your results thus far, and establish a plan of action so that you can continue your progress post-Averio. This creates the most sustainable results and exceptional health possibilities for Averio patients. Friday post-consultations can also be accomplished the following week virtually or by phone, if your travel plans require you to leave early.

Your program is 5 full days of customized, intensive, regenerated care and includes customized, doctor-recommended:

  • Low-force, Chiropractic adjustments
  • Class 2 Photobiomodulation sessions
  • Safe and effective detox
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Braintap training
  • Self-care, educational classes
  • Muscle training and vibrational therapies
  • Neurological and Spinal exercises
  • Motion therapies
  • Hot and Cold therapies
  • Various body work therapies (i.e. cupping, lymphatic drainage, ART)

You will also receive an Averio notepad to take notes with during educational moments throughout your program. 

I need a full time caretaker, is that allowed?

Of course! Patients who require extra assistance such as bathroom help, mobility aid, etc. are welcome to bring their caretaker during their concentrated care program. Please contact our office for more information regarding caregiver guidelines. 

The best place to start for anyone in a caregiver situation, is with a complimentary initial doctor consultation. Based on your health concerns and needs, an Averio doctor will ensure that AHI is the right fit for you and provide customized recommendations. 

Due to the intimacy of our setting, privacy of patients, and liability of treatment rooms, there are only specific times that non-patients may be allowed on-site.

I would like my spouse/family member/friend to be involved with my care at Averio, how does that work?

AHI is first and foremost a healthcare institute, and due to liability and HIPAA patient laws, non-patients/guests are not allowed in any treatment rooms during any active care moments.

AHI welcomes spouses and requested family members/friends to be involved with their patient's journey, thus we have created some exclusive times that you can sign up to participate during an Averio concentrated care program. These times are as follows:

  • Welcome introductory class, Monday morning at 9am. Space is limited, reservations are required. 
  • "Functional Neurology and Your Spine" educational class, Tuesday evening at 5:00pm. An analyzed x-ray is one of the most important medical tests you can have done. Don't miss out on learning why you should and could have this test done for yourself. Space is limited and reservations are required. This class is not open to the public.
  • Friday post-consultation of your patient's program week.  Consultation times are announced Friday morning to patients, and post-consultations can also be accomplished the following week.

Are there conditions that you do not accept?

AHI accepts all cases where it is medically appropriate for you to consider concentrated, regenerative chiropractic care and there is reasonable evidence that your body has the ability to respond to treatment. 

Acceptance of your case will depend on your test results and case history, rather than your condition, disease, or prognosis. 

Do you take insurance?

AHI is unable to accept third party insurance at this time as we are a regenerative chiropractic facility. 

Our office can provide you an invoice for you to bill your insurance directly.

Do you offer financial assistance plans? Any discounts?

AHI accepts Care Credit, which are great, low-cost & deferred interest payment plan options. 

If you do not currently have Care Credit and are interested in learning more, please talk to our front desk about how to apply and get started. 

AHI also offers an incredible Scholarship opportunity for returning patients, please see the "Averio Scholarship" page for more information. 

AHI has kept all of our services at the lowest price available with the understanding that third party insurance doesn't cover regenerative chiropractic care services. Thus, no additional discounts are available at this time. 

Do you allow cell phones? Is there WIFI available?

AHI is cutting edge in its methods towards regenerating brains, spines, and tissues in a concentrated amount of time. Thus, cell phones are not allowed on-site in treatment areas. We ask that patients and guests leave their cellular devices in their vehicles during their time on-site. Cellular devices emit potent radiation that is destructive towards tissue regeneration and slows patient's ability to heal and repair quickly. 

Should patients or guests need to access their laptop while on-site for work related reasons, there is a guest WIFI available and laptops are only allowed in the waiting room or outside. Due to the concentrated nature of care, patients will have little to no time for extracurricular activities during the day. We encourage patients to keep their focus on their health during their week at Averio.

For those who find themselves having to use cell phones, tablets, or other connected devices a lot, please check out the R2L phones devices through our shop, that block up to 70% of radiation!

What is the AHI program cancellation policy?

Cancelling (including no shows) within 2 weeks of your program start results in a cancellation fee of your full confirmation deposit. A $500 confirmation deposit, or payment in full, is required to reserve your spot. 

You may reschedule within 2 weeks of your program if there is availability to reschedule to your desired program dates - your confirmation deposit will move to your new program dates, and a late notice reschedule fee of $50 will be charged.

You may cancel or reschedule your program without penalty prior to two weeks of your scheduled program date. 

What is the AHI Day of Care cancellation policy?

Cancelling (including no shows) within 2 weeks of your Day of Care results in a cancellation fee of your full confirmation deposit. A $500 confirmation deposit, or payment in full, is required to reserve your spot. 

You may reschedule within 2 weeks of your Day of Care if there is availability to reschedule to your desired Day of Care date - your confirmation deposit will move to your new dates, and a late notice reschedule fee of $50 will be charged.

You may cancel or reschedule your Day of Care without penalty prior to two weeks of your scheduled Day of Care date. 

Do you recommend supplementation?

About 99% of our patients present with one or more nutritional deficiencies which can cause imbalance and dysfunction in nearly all systems of your body. 

Nutritional deficiencies can be caused by short and long-term medication use, extended periods of mental and emotional stress, consuming too much processed foods, and many other environmental factors. If you present with a nutritional deficiency (or multiple) or chemical imbalance (or multiple) in your body, we will try to help your body regulate normally, which may include whole food dietary recommendations or whole food supplementation recommendations, or a combination of both depending on your circumstances. 

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