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Healing is an inside job.

- B.J. Palmer


Who Can Apply:

You will not be responsible for:

Internship Duration: 2 years


Averio interns are full-fledged doctors and expected to work 25-35 hours a week. This is a paid learning opportunity and the goal is to teach you every aspect of regenerative chiropractic so that at the end of 2 years, you can go anywhere and build an amazing chiropractic practice that helps you achieve financial success and incredible opportunities in clinical results. 

What to Expect:

  • Clinical management of chronic and complicated cases.
  • Exceptional chiropractic adjusting (tonal, non-manipulative) and results. 
  • How to read X-rays to understand exactly what neurological area is damaged and how that affects case management. 
  • Heavy metal toxicity and how that affects regeneration. 
  • Nutritional science, how to read cellular and intracellular micronutrient panels and help patients out of severe nutritional deficiency. 
  • Certified in Averio Functional Neurological Technique (tonal adjusting). 
  • How to adjust a patient multiple times a day for advanced spinal regeneration. 
  • Be a part of Averio research and development. 
  • Learn about advanced health topics such as nutritional science, practical bio-chemistry, spinal rehabilitation, neurological exercises, cryotherapy, brainwave science, etc. 
  • Learn about advanced testing such as analyzed radiographs, spinal EMG, brain testing, JTECH medical ROF and algometry testing (the number one test for injury cases), heavy metal and environmental toxicity testing, and more. 

You will be working directly with Dr. Kotlerman and the Averio team and will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and become a very skilled and experienced doctor.

This Internship was created to make YOU an exceptional Doctor of Chiropractic!

How to apply:

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