Your Regenerative Journey

Est. 2012
Averio Health Institute is rated excellent by patients

About Averio

Averio Health Institute was created to give patients an option to receive more care in a concentrated moment. This unique model of care is effective towards getting results, even when many other similar models have failed. If you are ready to be healthy, Averio is the place for you.

Your body was designed to be healthy

What Makes Averio Unique

Your body will heal if given the opportunity

Our Values: Honesty Integrity Discipline Joy Kindness

Ready to get Started?

A complimentary initial doctor consultation is the first step to starting your journey towards exceptional health. 

Averio Services

Your Opportunity For More Care

Complimentary Initial Doctor Consultation

This is your opportunity to share your health concerns. Following your consultation, your Averio doctor will provide you with testing recommendations and a plan to get started towards restoring your health.

Objective Testing

Averio offers analyzed, digital spinal radiographs, heavy metal / environmental toxicity testing, intracellular micronutrient panels, hormone testing, functional and objective brain testing, heart sound testing, and much more in our testing department. The key to reversing a health problem is understanding what tests to run.

Averio Weeklong Program

Averio offers 5-day, concentrated care programs to help you rebuild your health. These programs include the care, education, and care plan(s) to help you get where you want to go with your health.

Sustainable Results

The Averio Weeklong Program is designed to help you get sustainable results in the safest and most effective way possible.

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