Averio Weeklong Program

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Your Opportunity For More Care

Note from Dr. Kotlerman

Your body wants to be healthy. The reason your body is not healthy is because there is interference with the normal process of healing and regeneration. At Averio, we take a whole systems approach to your health using analyzed spinal films to identify possible neurological compromise, urinalysis to identify toxicology compromise, and blood labs to identify intracellular imbalances. These are the main reasons people end up unhealthy, and when these interferences are removed there is a whole different quality of life and health.”

Your Averio Experience

Safe, Efficient, & Effective Regenerative Chiropractic Care.

The Averio Weeklong Program is a 5-day concentrated care program for YOU.


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Regenerative Chiropractic:

reversing spinal abnormalities so the nervous system can regulate normal regenerative cycles which, “reverses disease, degeneration and dysfunction”.

The Averio Weeklong Program:

Monday - Friday

Spinal Vertebra
Spinal Joint Surfaces
Combinations of Spinal Abnormalities

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Imagine your life with a healthy spine!

Your Medical Rights

Averio Health Institute is a constitutional business that protects your medical freedom and individual choice. 

We maintain the highest standards of personal health and facility cleanliness. 

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we respect and adhere to all HIPAA laws at AHI. 

Your Participation

AHI’s philosophy is that your greatest health success comes from your active participation with your own health journey. 

AHI seeks to empower patients with education, health knowledge, and an understanding as to their own body’s potential for exceptional health.

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